Fruity Taste - Spicy Notes - Green Feel

480 EGP - 700 EGP

A more intense and unfiltered take on extra virgin olive oil from our Natroun farm, Rammah Farms’ Robust blend brings the raw power and spicy pleasure of green olives to everything you add it to.

Oil Acidity
  • Recommended for:

    Everyday cooking at medium to high heat.

  • Try it with:

    Meat, poultry, aromatic sauces and to give your salad dressing a spicy kick.

  • Shelf life:

    Two years from production at the most.


Intense, from deep green to golden green


Grassy and fragrant, with a hint of unripe olives


Intense and pungent with hints of green almonds, herbs, pine and green artichoke

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